Bucket List

{STARTED 2012/06/10}

Death is inevitable. I don’t know how and when I’m going to die, but I do know that I want to get a few things done before my imminent end. In no particular order, I present my scatter-brained thoughts below:

  1. get my portrait done by a NYC street artist
  2. work at a Sanrio boutique
  3. design something for Sanrio
  4. go on a road trip somewhere, anywhere
  5. in accordance with #4, make Meliza get a passport so we can travel the world
  6. learn how to make a Nutella milkshake
  7. buy Dad a Rolex watch
  8. PARIS
  9. write a book and dedicate it to my CMHS College Writing teacher
  10. design a bag pattern for Baggu
  11. find a blue rose
  12. see and take care of Cousin Raphnee
  13. go on a shopping spree with Mommy in Hong Kong
  14. own a Polaroid camera
  15. write a message, put it in a bottle, and throw it out to sea
  16. ROME
  17. test drive a Lamborghini Aventador
  18. host my own photograpy exhibition
  19. live in an apartment in NYC
  20. do a YouTube video of me singing one of my favourite songs (preferably with a friend)
  21. do a joint art something with Carol
  22. go to a Lights concert
  23. become a philanthropist like Batman
  24. get a tattoo
  25. hang out with Broski Aje for a day
  26. get a heart-shaped pizza delivered to me
  27. spend a summer in a third world war country teaching children
  29. LONDON
  30. come up with a list of 14,000 things to be happy about (UPDATE: 170/14,000)
  31. own a Lomo camera
  32. own a Holga camera
  33. design shirts, and have my own shirt and jewelry line
  34. own a Sprocket Rocket camera

Note: This list will always be in progress.


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