da crisis

So for the people who have been flooding my email and FB inbox and sending me multiple text messages – I am still alive. Barely, but breathing and a tad cranky. I doubt my blog’s been checked though with the infrequent hiatuses I’ve had, so this is for me and my little corner of cyber space.

To summarize everything that’s been happened to me the past few weeks is a nightmare crashing into reality. The family and I moved into a new apartment; it’s spacy and homey, but needed extensive cleaning so a majority of my time has been dedicated for that while juggling papers, readings, extra-curriculars, and whatever social life I have left. I’ve been a hermit lounging (literally – I’ve been taking up corners of my favorite spots in the school) with work, paints, and snack food. I should worry about my 4 hour sleeping nights and unhealthy junk food I’ve been eating, but that’s the least of my worries.

In the middle of my meltdown with a good friend the other day, we were contemplating on select individuals’ awesomeness and how they could manage everything on their plate. Mutually we know one person of the above example, and we were in a state awe and a teensy bit of jealousy (well for me, anyway) that that person could manage everything and still have a social life. What’s our definition of a social life? Time spent not studying or doing extra-curriculars, and chillaxing with friends. I feel like the academics and extracurricular activities I’m involved in have been draining me and I’m trying to hold on to whatever sanity I have left. Fortunately, that sanity is returning but there are a still a few more obstacles I have to face.  I should be doing one of the many things I need to do, but I feel the need to flush my thoughts out. The non-existent “me time” I’ve had has been on the PATH train, sleeping or reading notes. And if you count painting in the B level study room as “me time”, throw that in too. I know I need to check my school email but I’m actually a lil’ scared to see the 20+ emails I’m expecting and need to deal with. HUGS PLEASE.

Now back to trying to be productive ~


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