Back to S. Amboy (edited!)

the sky switches cloaks
preparing itself for Night’s caretakers
patches of indigo blend itself into a raven abyss

buildings cast their fluorescent display
squares and rectangles lit row after row
parallel lights from gas stations
blink prices as another
train rumbles by while
crusty neon signs flicker
with no assurance
of life left

a pearlescent crescent descends
along with tiny mica-gold flecks
that gather ‘round like tangled Christmas lights
no emptiness in the ebony silk
that swathes it petticoats over a universe
star-gazers will be glad for the cloudless night;
for once, the weather man was right

crushed mercilessly,
salt disseminates to powder
round and round, tires spin
the car engine hums a gentle purr
neck to neck with other cars
accelerating on Highway 9
‘tis not a race, but the yearning of home
haggard faces want to feel the comfort of a mattress
coffee’s high has completely faded

Daddy is listening to news on the radio
I want music
air from an open window smells of McD’s
we drive-through for $1 Fish McBites ‘cause
we have no patience for stopping over

the heat of fillet dissolves with my saliva
butter-breaded chunks make me wonder
what’s for dinner?
with my stomach content, gravity
shuts my eyes to
& commences a
gentle snore

Then, I wake up to House 360.

[Note: Hi everyone! If you follow my blog you may have noticed that I posted the first version of this poem here. I edited it because my poetry professor suggested I make it more “down to earth” with realistic details. I hope this second version follows his critique, let me know what you guys think! Hope you’re having a wonderful day <3]


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