Back to S. Amboy

The sky switches cloaks
preparing itself for Night’s caretakers
patches of indigo blend itself into a raven abyss

buildings cast their fluorescent display
squares and rectangles lit row after row
another train rumbles by
crusty neon signs flicker
with no assurance
of life left

a pearlescent crescent descends
along with her attendants
tiny mica-gold flecks
gather ‘round their goddess
like tangled Christmas lights
no emptiness in her ebony silk
that swathes its petticoats over a universe
I hope to meet the Moon Queen one night

Daddy is listening to news on the radio
I want music
spirits whisper faintly
it’s godmother telling me stories again
air from an open window smells of McD’s
we stopover for $1 Fish McBites

crushed mercilessly,
salt disseminates to powder
round and round, tires spin
the car engine hums a gentle purr
accelerating on Highway 9
neck to neck with other cars
whose occupants mirror haggard faces

O Moon Queen,
Time has not stolen your ethereality
I see your son fishing for stray constellations
The Dark Knight, your husband,
amongst signboard shadows
and stands atop corporate buildings
is that a red breasted bird by his side?

there is that … tug,
gravity shuts my eyes to slumber

then I wake up to House 360


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