Things to do in Vancouver, British Columbia

run along the seawall
praise the blushing sky at dawn
The Girl in a Wetsuit would like a photograph
listen, the zephyr whistles its ballad
step on the maple leaves and cherish their crackle
geese have a right to cross the road
follow the smell of fish n’ chips
wary one must be of geese feces
munch on deep fried cod fillet and waffle fries
dare to feed a seagull?
totem poles are part of the ancients, ask their story
dance in the shadows of Stanley Park’s trees
pay homage to the mountains; they’re Northern royalty
Aurora the beluga whale would be delighted to meet you
wander till you see English Bay’s shore
(important: move aside for bikers, strollers, and roller skaters)
its chunky logs are lonely, be a companion
sapphire waves sweep back and forth in a lullaby motion
“Daddy I want to look for seashells!”
“Okay honey, but remember we have to listen to them.”
the Pacific beckons you to jump in
so pretend you’re a polar bear!
ignore all cuisine smells except Café Crêpe’s
a Nutella milkshake must come with your order
pack an umbrella, the sky can suddenly cry for no reason
take a cherry blossom and give it to a stranger
to cure colds, take-out “chicken ma-mee” from New Town
Gastown’s steam clock can tell you the time
recklessly climb onto the art gallery’s lions
later, lounge on its steps with a street vendor’s pistachios
drop a penny/two in the fountain
(the homeless man would thank you for it if he could)
scream not in Yaletown at the sight of a celebrity
mingle with farmers, artists, fishermen, and bakers at Granville Island
invest in their goods and share their stories
on the staircase hill nap
spoil your stomach with all-you-can-eat sushi @ Shabusen
a bleeding sun signals for a skytrain ride
order a cuppa English toffee at Tim Hortons, w/
a maple donut for dessert
at Canada Place, lean forward on its handrail
in and out – breathe
this elixiric oxygen is known by few
watch your breath appear in staccato puffs
ever yours, the stars glimmer; make a wish
& let the coldness embrace you like an old friend


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