Alright Sandy,

Thanks for giving me no school tomorrow!

Hi everyone! It’s been a long time since I’ve actually posted about Life, besides weekly photos and attempts at poetry (see last week’s post here). I’ve been soup-er busy with school, so I haven’t had much time to properly update you with the going-ons.

One of the big “going-ons” for me is being a part of the Pforzheimer’s Honors Council. I’m part of the Newsletter Committee (the two other committees are the Programming and Mentoring), so I’ve been working with fellow freshmen Matt G. brainstorming ideas and gathering article submissions for November’s issue. We’re the Editor’s little minions (hehe), but we love what we do so we’re not complaining :) As of now, we’ve decided on a theme and have been collecting submissions so all is well. Working on the newsletter reminds me of my high school years when I was editor for my school’s newspaper, so that brings back fond (stressful) memories.

Last Monday, Matt G. and I painted baby pumpkins! I have photos but sadly my camera’s at our apartment WAAAH :( I’m currently at Niagara Falls (on the USA side) because my Dad has a business venture here this weekend; and we won’t be leaving till tomorrow morning. Even in the rain, the falls are stunningly pretty and it’s been so hard to take my eyes off them. The Falls look better on the Canadian side, of course (Canadian pride WOOT!), but they’re not so bad on the American side. It’s very misty and mysterious, yet somehow angelic. Anyhoo, tangent aside, I’ll post photos of the pumpkins Matt and I painted last week sometime soon. We painted mini pumpkins because it was one of the October events by the Honor’s Council’s Programming Committee, and it was free!! Plus there were buckets of candy too – anyone would be mad to turn down free candy AND a free mini pumpkin. So after our daily Monday Honors Council meeting, Matt and I made our way to the Honors Lounge and got creative with our pumpkins. I painted my pumpkin dark blue, while Matt went all out and painted each section of his pumpkin a particular color. Our pumpkins were gor-gee-us, and everyone commented on how “scary” they were – wink wink ;)

Another amazing thing that happened this week was:

  • FREE PET GOLDFISH (1 per person, nevertheless it was still FREE)
  • FREE STUFF-YOURSELF TEDDY BEARS (I made one and it’s so adorable – photos and birth certificate to come at a later time)
  • and other free things part of Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest kicked off on Wednesday, October 24. I found out about the free food from students carrying plates heaped with goodies, so I went down to the Student Union after my C.O.R.E. (Consciousness of Reality Everywhere) meeting and stuffed myself full with hash browns. If there’s something random you have to know about me, I love potatoes. They are godly vegetables (I don’t even know if I should tell you that I mean this with all seriousness), and they are best in the form of french fries and hash browns. Hence, I have an addiction, fetish, ultimate soul-matey connection to hash browns.

Anyhoo, once I had a plate of that, I sat down in the Spotlight Cafe and ate my godly hash browns there. From my spot, I noticed people passing by with teddy bears; so once I was done with my food I followed the crowd of people into the Multi-Purpose Room and saw white stuffing everywhere. At first I thought the white fluff was snow since it was just … densely everywhere. Then I noticed the bear booth and I was able to put two and two together! I spent 30 minutes stuffing my cappuccino brown bear christened “Wilma Buttercup Cuddlebuns”, and it was sooo worth it since my baby bear was (and is) absolutely ADORABLES. I made Apoorva the godmother, and she’s going to be taking care of Wilma for me (translation: I’m giving my bear to Apoorva; I don’t need the bear since I have tons of Hello Kitty stuffies).

Midterm season has come, so I’m swamped with papers and exams. Only Sociology and African Art History have formal exams, while my Philosophy class has a midterm paper (note to self: it’s due this Thursday!!!). My International Relations class doesn’t have anything for the midterm since my semester project counts for 50% of the final grade, so a midterm isn’t necessary. I had my African Art History midterm two weeks ago; I got it back last Friday and I got an A! Last minute cramming performed its miracle awwwyeah. I still don’t recommend last minute cram sessions though, so promise me you’ll at least try to avoid that. My Sociology midterm was supposed to be next Monday (Nov. 5), but thanks to (Hurricane) Sandy it got bumped another week (Nov. 12) – so I’m beyond ecstatic right now with the extra days I have to study. I didn’t enjoy Sociology so much before, but now I’m beginning to appreciate it and forming links to how what I’m learning in Sociology relates to what I’m studying in International Relations and Philosophy. The nerd in moi can’t help but rejoice when I understand the connections – I just study better that way.

One thing I almost forgot to mention was that Homecoming celebrations started last week too. I was a lil’ bummed when I found that John Legend made a surprise appearance (and I wasn’t there, BOOO), but I wasn’t so disappointed I missed out on the other performers. I didn’t attend Homecoming Formal since I had a family engagement on Friday; but I spent my Friday lunch time with the girls at Rosella’s, and it was so much fun!

candid of moi by Erika Wong

Apoorva and Ashleigh: I love these lovelies <3

GLUB GLUB – another candid by Erika Wong (I look like a fish!)

Time for me to hit up the books – just because Sandy’s coming doesn’t mean I can fall behind. Thanks so much for stopping by: I hope you’re safe and protected wherever you are, and that you’re also stocked up on food and water. The fam and I went on a Dunkin Donuts run earlier, so I’m chilling in Holiday Inn’s business lounge with my sweetened raspberry iced tea. I’m the only one in the fam not in the mood for hot beverages, haha. Take care everyone, you’re in my thoughts always! ♥ ♥

P.S. For any readers taking their midterms/going through a difficult time, here’s some motivation my best friend Grace L. shared with me:


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