être en liberté

STOMP STOMP around puddles

Unfriendly clouds dump their woes

Mercilessly, an intermittent torrent

Continues its cry around the city

Trapped in school for four days straight,

Because Responsibility called

Sociology quiz and paper returned – I didn’t do so bad at all.

IR and Philosophy readings and assignments are piling up,

I’ve given up on normal sleeping hours, and it’s become a habit to refill my coffee cup.

I’m fully relieved to be out in the air,

Enjoying the wind flowing through my hair

Skipping my African Art History class trip, there’s no regret

Since I’ve been to the Met before and know its inside and silhouette

I’m just worn out and at my end’s wit

On the pavement ripples run

Curry floating among oxygen

Tummy grumbles, but then settles

Remembering Cafe 101’s hash browns

Upper West and the Upper East, cannot seem to agree

Separated by Central Park, there is a lot to sight-see

A shirtless man runs on the path, unaffected by the cold

He must have a body of steel, to be so very bold

15 blocks to Times Square, and there’s a Belgian Waffle Cart on the corner

Men cycle tourists in tarp-covered carts, and impatient horses pose by the sidewalk

The rain pauses in its ambush

Mr. Sun makes a timid appearance

Grey skies refuse to leave

But at least umbrellas can be put away

Am I really in New York? Pinch me (not) please!

It’s surreal to be here, where countless movies have been filmed

Walking in Times Square with one of my best friends

Nothing else could match the moment

Trying to find ourselves on the screen

This place “where dreams are made of” (Alicia Keys)

Makes you feel seen and unseen

Like underground moles the subways furiously scurry

Jerking left, right, and randomly braking

That awkward moment when you bump into the person in front of you

And you look the other way to avoid their glare

No doubt they’ll forget about you after tomorrow

Especially being in a city that never sleeps

Dad picks me up and offers to buy a white chocolate mocha frappucino


Can I repeat the whole day again please?

I love attending school in New York City.

photographer credit: Apoorva M.

Eye Spy … a man in a bathing suit. And two Pace students!!


dismal weather, yet Times Square is still so alive


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