a list of –

Amazing-Coolio things that happened this week:

  1. Getting the latest issue of The Pace Press and seeing the front cover story written by someone you know (SO PROUD DEPASQUALE!)
  2. The first Honors Council meeting was on Monday, so I finally met my fellow newsletter committee colleague, Matt;  and it was so much fun collaborating with him, Jordan, and Maria.
  3. Since Drea and I have been to Chinatown twice, we are now certified expert Chinatown student guides! We’ve uncovered some of the best eats, and you can see them here.
  4. Receiving a birthday card in the mail from your favorite twin sisters.
  5. I had golden Oreos today as my snack and they were dunk-a-licious. Those Oreos influenced my decision to buy an “Oreo Avalanche” from the cafeteria – chocolate pudding mixed with Oreo crumbs. It was heavenly.
  6. The weather in New York City finally felt like autumn, so I took out my two pairs of boots and wore them to school this week. (#stompinghappily)
  7. Newly Discovered Fact: The best day to go to the library is Friday, since there’s hardly anyone around and you have the whole place to yourself.

Awful things that happened this week:

  1. I got sick, so I missed school on Tuesday and now I’m behind on philosophy.
  2. I did very poorly on one of my first International Relations Assignment of the semester and that really threw me off for the rest of the week. I don’t know if I’ve completely recovered.
  3. Processing student loans is such a pain-pain-pain, I see no gain-gain-gain.
  4. Par usual, things at home are tense.
  5. I think I lost a friend this week, though I’m not completely sure. It hurts but there’s nothing I can do about it.
  6. My African Art History midterm was today and I didn’t feel confident handing it in.
  7. That realization you get when it hits you how overwhelming university can be and you don’t know if it’s because you’re incompetent or if you’re just plain stupid.
  8. Being super cranky in the mornings and during the commute for not getting enough sleep.

Thoughts for next week:

  1. sleep
  2. I need more sleep
  3. je veux dormir (I want to sleep)
  5. snore
  6. snore
  7. snorzzzzzzzz – please excuse me
  8. while I go to bed
  9. and dream sweet dreams
  10. Thanks for dropping by, have a wonderful and safe weekend :-)

graffiti’d building in Chinatown

P.S. I know the quality of my posts hasn’t been so great for a while now, but I am definitely working on improving that. But thanks again for taking the time to stop by, it means so much to me!


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