NYC Chinatown with Drea

because sweet smells were coming from his cart, this is the first street vendor we stopped at

all natural hot mini cakes, 15 for $1; buy 5 packs get 1 free – plain but yummy

fresh produce and vegetable stalls line each street

the Financial District and South Street Seaport are not so far away

one of the few name artists and street vendors actually smiling

the official NYC Chinatown kiosk – they give away free maps and brochures, and are very helpful with directions

Dr. Sun Yat-sen’s statue in Columbus Park

I don’t know the name of the game these elderly women (and men, below) are playing, but it seems pretty intense.

traditional Chinese music – free entertainment, donations are welcome

China town’s best kept secret, 106 Mosco Street: 5 friend dumplings for $1 and 4 fried pork buns for $1. Dee-lish! Only 6 seats available inside though, so I suggest take out and eat elsewhere.


pudgy fried pork buns that made my stomach cry for more

there are basketball courts at Columbus Park, so I assume that’s where these boys are headed

65 Bayard Street: This family owned business boasts exotic flavors such as almond cookie, black sesame, coconut, durian, ginger, green tea, lychee, red bean, taro, ube, zen butter (peanut butter ice cream with toasted sesame seeds), cherry pistachio, coconut fudge, pumpkin pie, and mango-papaya sorbet. Two samples allowed for each person. Slightly overpriced, but still worth a visit and a taste of Asia.

Drea’s single scoop chocolate raspberry, $3.99

another street vendor at the corner of Canal and Centre Street (outside Chase Bank): she’s selling food items $3 or less – fried fish ball skewer $1; 3 piece vegetable spring roll for $1.25; chicken leg, 4 piece fried chicken meat, and small vegetable fried rice, vegetable rice noodle, and vegetable fried noodle for $1.50 (large $3)

Another MUST VISIT in Chinatown: Bubbly Tea at 55B Bayard. It looks like your typical Asian bubble tea place, but they serve unique flavors and creations: some are Oreo Tapioca Black Milk Tea, Coco Latte with Rice Crispies, QQ Taro Cream Foam, and pineapple bubble tea. I took a photo of my Oreo Tapioca Black Milk Tea, but it didn’t turn out nice so I’ll take another photo the next time I go. (Another incentive for me to go is for the student discount, hehe.)

An interesting thing that happened on the walking tour with  Drea was that one minute we were surrounded by stores with Chinese characters on them, and then the next minute we crossed the street we were engulfed by the smell of Italian food. We were so surprised since we were walking along Mulberry Street trying to get to Columbus Park; while we stood at the corner of Mulberry and Hester looking at our over-crinkled map, an elderly man stopped and asked us where we wanted to go. The moment we said “We’re students trying to get to Chinatown”, he smiled widely and said we should have walked in the opposite direction. Drea and I were sooo embarrassed, but incredibly grateful and thanked the elderly man profusely. The mini detour was enjoyable though; we walked through all two blocks of Little Italy and breathed in the Italian scented air. It was hard not to drool over the pasta and pizza people were gobbling, especially since it was right in our faces because a majority of people were eating on the sidewalk tables.

Hello Little Italy, where did you come from?

I’m in the school library right now catching up on some work. I was sick on Tuesday so I missed philosophy, and I have nooo idea what’s going on and what I missed. Today’s class is going to be mind-killing. If it wasn’t so cold outside, I’d walk down to Seaport and study there.

Hope you’re having a wonderful, sunny day lovelies – take care!


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