Dear 18 year old moi,

“You’re living at the same time you’re dying.” – Professor Safit

Horrid thoughts on your birthday? Oui. Brief and frequent visits to the pessimistic side of Life give you a teeter-tottered world view. Optimism is fantastistical, but don’t forget to be realistic too.

Last week was more than terrible, but it’s one of the many to come. First uni. quiz in Sociology, first uni. paper and abstract submitted, and first (and hopefully last) time missing the PATH train. Let’s not forget the stress, tears, anger, frustration, and worry at: not understanding assignments, feeling incompetent (yet challenged) in international relations and philosophy, over studying for the sociology quiz, fixing a long distance friendship, and having been stood up (twice). One crappy day after the other, with thoughts of “kill me now” emanating against your brain’s skull.

But there were awwwwwe-some moments too. Such as when you came to philosophy half an hour early and talked to other people; you discovered one of them was a Sociology and Women Studies Major who’s willing to help you with Sociology (ah-BOOYA). On Wednesday you dropped by W521 for C.O.R.E.’s first meeting, and actually enjoyed yourself more than you anticipated. The fact that justice can be seen as underhand revenge still mindblows you, and that’s okay; words have a power of their own. After C.O.R.E., you went to the Study Fair hoping to score some free food; but all the trays and drinks were empty when you came. Undoubtedly, you still love all the free pens, highlighters, candy, and stickers you got as you went to all the tables and grabbed booklets; plus now you know that one of the people in your International Relations class is a study abroad ambassador, you know who to go with your questions and concerns. If you hadn’t gone to the fair, you would have only considered studying abroad at well known places (such as London, Italy, and Paris), but now there’s Cyrpus, Thailand, and New Zealand. There are a lot of months ahead to decide where you want to go next year, so take your time to go over the encyclopedia’s worth of booklets you took. A semester or summer abroad? You choose! You already have a home base, now it’s up to you to decide where to take flight.

Oh, and the Library Ghost Hunter’s game was pretty fun. A thousand times better than a traditional library tour and so much more interesting with Jacob’s ghost.

Congratulations on being appointed Honors Council Newsletter Chair! You only expected to be a secretary or a member, but you got the chair position instead. Don’t curb your excitement – run it wild with  creativity. “It’s the start of something new” (quote Disney’s High School Musical), so don’t let anyone ruin it. You’ll make mistakes along the way, but that’s the best way you will learn and become a better leader. HONORS COUNCIL 2012 – 2013 – WATCH OUT!

I’m proud of you. Despite the familial problems, personal problems local and abroad, school and commuter issues that give you five hours of sleep each night (which needs to get fixed, by the way), and every other thing that went wrong – I’m glad you’ve pulled through. When you look back at these moments four years later, every single tear you’ve shed and blood you’ve bled will be worth it. And you know that.

You have a functioning brain, compassion, and the ability to succeed. Challenge yourself, don’t doubt your abilities. Remember the security guard you met at Seaport last week? He wasn’t lying when he said you would succeed. In the back of your mind, your dreams and goals are possible. Not sure if you want to double major in Communications or Law? It’ll take a few questions from an adviser to see where your next step(s) will lead you. Explore your options, “bright eyes”; the stars twinkle with their guidance.

Sweetie, everything works out in its own time. You are 18, finally an adult, but you still have so much to learn. Love your family, take care of your friends, thank everyone who’s been there for you,  and be open to anything and everyone Life throws your way. Forever young, forever bold, and forever passionate – it’s all in you.

Don’t forget you’re standing under the same sky and wishing on the same stars billions of others have done before you.


5 responses to “Dear 18 year old moi,

  1. Lovely Post and Happy Birthday! This is a wonderful motivational post to write to yourself and you gave some great advice that everyone should follow!

    Adieu, scribbler

    • Thank you for your comment Scribbler, it means so much to me!! I hope you’ll drop by again sometime (:

      • My pleasure! I am following you and I certainly will!

        Adieu, scribbler

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