Welcome to Hoboken

Word of advice for commuter students:

Always have your train pass in sight and easy reach. Do not (not, not, NOT)  put it in your bag –  put it in one of your clothing pockets (preferably the butt pocket of your pants) and make sure it stays there. Failure to do so will result in aggravated yelling from a parent and missing your connecting train.

My transportation route to school begins with me taking the NJ Transit Train from South Amboy to Newark Penn Station. At Newark Penn Station, I transfer to the PATH train that takes me to the World Trade Center. My dad commutes with me for company (mostly because my mom and grandparents do not want me commuting alone), and on some days it is fun and on a majority of days it really is not. Anyhoo, once we got down from the South Amboy train, I started looking in my bag for my SmartLink Pass. I normally put it in the front pocket for easy access, but when I tried looking for it there I didn’t find it. I started panicking (unwise) so I ran back into the train and examined the seat where my Dad and I sat; but it wasn’t there. My dad  had come back on the train with me and started asking me about my pass, so I started looking through my bag’s front pocket again and then found it had slipped in one of the inner pockets. I was so relieved so I started walking towards the exit; but my Dad and I didn’t know that the train doors were already closed and the train had departed from the Newark Penn Station. My Dad muttered a few bad words and gave me disapproving (nasty) looks; but since there wasn’t anything else we could do so we sat down. The rest of the train ride was awful.

The only thing right now that I’m extremely grateful for is the fact that there was a PATH station connected to the NJ Transit Hoboken station; it calmed me down a lot but my Dad was still sour-tempered since he kept saying what would have happened if there wasn’t a PATH station. My Dad likes contemplating on worse case scenarios even after a solution is found – and that really gets on my nerves, especially when he continuously shoves it in my face that it was all my fault (which it was and I owned up to it but that is never good enough for him) we missed the train.

So right now my stupidity and grief in getting yelled at by my Dad has set a negative tone for the day, which is fine because everything  was already going wrong ever since yesterday. Go on world, keep the bad days coming. Bad news and bad luck  love me and I can’t wait to punch them in the face.

On the other hand, my unexpected detour to Hoboken revealed that Hoboken’s train station is an old fashioned one. It completely lacks any modern design, and it reminded of the inactive train station at the Statue of Liberty Ferry Terminal in New Jersey. The vendors and stores also had antique looks, so it was pretty quaint and old school. If my dad and I were not in a complete hurry, I would have taken photos.

I hope you had a better start to the day than I did. The cloudy skies in New York make it seem like it’ll rain, but that won’t stop me from going to South Street Seaport today. Take care & smile!


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