a round of awh-PAWS (applause, get it?)

It’s been a month since I’ve started my freshmen year at Pace, so applause and congratulations are certainly in order.

I’m getting used to this whole university “thing”. I’ve established some kind of routine of getting to school, what I do when I get to school, what I do and where I go  inbetween class breaks, and how to manage my homework load. Time wise, it feels like so much longer than a month. Pace has definitely grown on me :’)

I haven’t been in the best of moods. On here I seem to be all sunshine and daisies, but to be honest that’s the last thing I’m feeling. I’m the type of person who doesn’t like admitting when they’re sad or whatnot, and that’s pretty hypocritical since I always try to make people talk about their feelings whenever I see that they’re down.  I hate radiating negative energy, and it mentally and emotionally takes it toll on me whenever I’m feeling the blues. There’s no instant cure for this (believe me, I think I’ve just tried about everything), so time will have to heal myself of my dreary aura and befuddled heart.

2012/09/28: We love walking in the rain. (photographer credit: Erika W.)

I really need a watch. The need isn’t just a need, but a crucial necessity. I’m not a watch person and I dislike wearing watches around my wrist (I prefer bracelets since they’re lighter), but my sense of not knowing what time it is and not keeping track of time whenever I go out in the city has almost gotten me late to class. So far I’ve been using my old Blackbery Pearl to keep track of the hours of the day, but still it’s a phone that doesn’t work in the States and I can’t help but feel that it’s somewhat (really) useless. If watch key chains exist that would be grrreat, since those are way lighter and I would be able to keep it in my pocket at all times.

Another thing I’ve been wishing about is wireless internet on the PATH and NJ Transit trains. Since it takes me two hours to get to and from school everyday, having internet on the train would save me two hours of research work every night and therefore I would gain two more hours of sleep. And more hours of sleep would be amazing, since I’m only getting a maximum of five hours of sleep per night and I’m already beginning to feel my level of intelligence decrease day by day. Honestly, I need to pull myself together before my health takes a wrong turn too.

Excluding my miserability and need for nonsensical ranting, last week had its perks. I ran into two friends I met at orientation but haven’t seen until last week: Rena and Ashleigh. Rena’s a Ukrainian business and accounting major, and Ashleigh’s a Trinidadian Fine Arts major. It was really an unexpected incident that led me to run into these two last Monday: what happened was that after my sociology class, I felt like going to South Street Seaport and doing some of my readings there. I had my laptop with me, and I knew it was charged so I wasn’t worried about the battery suddenly dying. However, the most frustrating thing that happened was when I turned my laptop on at Seaport, it refused to turn on. No matter how many times I waited and tried to turn it on, my laptop stubbornly refused to work for me. So I ended up packing my bag and leaving Seaport after 10 minutes of having just arrived there. I stomped back to school and went straight to the library; lo and behold, at the middle of the staircase I ran into Rena. We ended up talking and then made our way to the Cafe, where we ran into Vato and Ashleigh. We spent the rest of lunch together at a booth; so I guess stomping back to Pace in a fit of frustration wasn’t such a bad idea at all.

Last Saturday was the Honors College trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and that was pretty much the definition of a Girls’ Day Out. I spent the entire day with Drea, Rena, and Ashleigh, and it was nice to come to school for a non-academic reason. Before riding the subway was probably the most embarrassing moment of the day: it took me four swipes just to pass through the revolving door. On my first and second swipes I swiped the card the wrong way, and on the third swipe I got the swiping direction right but I wasn’t paying attention so I missed my chance for the door to revolve and I basically walked into cold metal and it HURT. Thank goodness my card pulled through on the fourth attempt. Riding the subway on Saturday was my official second time having ridden a New York City subway, so I was pumped up with excitement while everyone else rolled their eyes. I could have really cared less since I was busy enjoying myself and trying not to fall against people whenever the subway stopped jerkily.

I have philosophy tomorrow. That class is the death of me, I swear. It’s as if all the deceased philosophers are already planning my intellectual death. My “self” can’t handle it anymore.  I’m really nervous to get my first response paper back for that class;  I don’t really know what the professors would have thought of my Katy Perry reference. (And if you think I’m kidding, I’m actually stating this with all seriousness.)

Brandon, my philosophy buddy!

My thoughts are choppy, my brain is confused, my heart is almost broken, and my eyes refuse to read anything on the screen. Today has been a really bad day and the only thing that made it better was coming home to pizza and my mom’s gooey chocolate mint brownies – comfort food at an opportune time. Lights (the Canadian artist) was on repeat earlier, and now I’m listening to Ke$ha. School work is obviously not getting done tonight.

Quote for thought: “Respect yourself enough to walk away from anyone or anything that no longer serves you, grows you, or makes you happy.” Roll on like a fish ball and conquer October, yeo.


6 responses to “a round of awh-PAWS (applause, get it?)

  1. Powerful quote. Nice post – quite powerful and revealing. Your title was, yes, if you had intended, humorous. You are a funny little flower – I just love watching you bloom.

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