a day at the Met – 2012.09.29

an all smiley Drea

the Metropolitan Museum of Art, No Big Deal

peace, forever

Female Figure, Mali, Bamana peoples, 19th to 20th century, wood – Rena is totally besotted with this statue

Mother and Child, Mali, Bamana peoples, 15th to early 20th century, wood – another statue Rena loves

Kongo Power Figure – I’m totally loving the expression on this statue.

Mask, Liberia or Cote d’Ivoire, Dan peoples, 19th to 20th century, wood, pigment – “poker face” (sorry, couldn’t resist the Lady Gaga reference)

Drinking Horn, Cameroon, Kingdom of Bamum; Bamom peoples, 19th to 20th century, horn, glass beads, cloth

Figurative Vessel, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Wongo peoples, 19th to 20th century, wood – too cute for words!

Rena, Ashleigh, and Drea -acting all buff because they’re cool that way.

Fang Reliquary Figure (Nio Bieri), Gabon, Fang peoples, 19th century, wood, metal – Drea’s favorite statue in the African Art exhibition.

group photo :)

standing tall, standing strong – Rena’s got it all

Marble portrait bust of a young man, Roman, Antonine period, A.D. 161 to 180 – I wonder what he’s thinking about.

Marble head of a boy wearing a wreath, Roman, Antonine period, mid-2nd century A.D. – We all thought this Roman boy was cute until Rena pointed out he didn’t have a nose.

moi being silly

Unfortunately, my camera died after we got to the Greek and Roman art galleries; so the above photo is the expression on my face when that happened. I cannot remember the name of the work of art that I was facing; but on first glance I thought it was a fish (Dory from “Finding Nemo”, to be exact), so I immediately ran up to it and begged Rena to take a photo.

Oh, and other things that must be mentioned are Jason’s lemonade,Trinidad pride in the subway, and South Street Seaport.

“You’re the only road I know/You show me where to go/Who will drive my soul?” – Drive My Soul, Lights

Have a lovely evening/morning wherever you are! ♥


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