all hail the Cinnamon Dulce Frappuccino

There are eleven health benefits of cinnamon, so that gives you eleven lovely reasons to order the Cinnamon Dulce Frappuccino at Starbucks.

With the lack of sleep I’ve been getting the past week, coffee and anything else coffee-flavored is a must in my consumption right now. I have never suffered from caffeine withdrawals, but since this is the first time in a long time (four months, actually) that I’ve started drinking coffee again, well … I’ll be balancing my coffee intake with my love for orange juice. Vitamin C and caffeine are going to be my very-very close friends for the rest of the school year.

More importantly, I need more sleep. All the coffee in the world couldn’t and wouldn’t be able to help me with staying awake during class. Without the Cinnamon Dulce frappucino at my side today, I would have been snoring away in Sociology. I’ve been sleeping at eleven or twelve each night doing assignments, readings, and taking notes. I guess you can say I have some type of Note OCD thing since I tend to be very fussy and particular in my notes, making sure that they’re either printed or written neatly in different colored pens or types, and also organized by date. Nothing throws me off more than illegible handwriting and unattractive notes (no coloured ink, no doodles or drawings … I think you get what I mean). I don’t see the point of having plain notes if you can beautify them with color and images.

Good afternoon “Golden Lady”; view from the library window.

I’ve also been assigned my first paper for philosophy, so that’s been giving me nightmares. Philosophy and I have a love-hate relationship: I love reading the assigned passages and delving into the minds of Socrates, Plato, and Heraclitus; but when it comes to dissecting every word, line, and passage I blank out in frustration and agony. I’m the type of person who likes to keep things simple (most of the time anyway; with art I’m completely different), so to make something simple complex drives me insane. Especially in real life situations, oh my goodness – I just want to bang my head on the table and yell “Why must things get difficult?” Asking that sounds philosophical, haha. But that’s not the point I’m making and this was a complete tangent. Basically philosophy drives me crazy but I love it, yet I dislike the paper we have to write for it. The paper has an open topic which means that there are so many ways you can defend or refute an argument, and with no right or wrong answer that means the core of the material will be graded on analysis. Which, you know, isn’t one of my strengths. So my reasoning skills will be tested and hopefully improve in this class – I just hope I won’t yank out too much hair in the process.

The Honors BBQ luncheon was today, so Vato and I stopped by and grabbed some food. I wasn’t in the mood for burgers or grilled chicken, so I took a couple of hot dogs and munched away unattractively. Vato had some salad, and we sat down at one of the tables in the front and listened to Dr. Dupont and Breanna speak. We didn’t linger long, but we talked to a couple of people before leaving and going to the library. And that’s where I am as I type this, in one of the corner cubicles with Vato across from me. He’s doing the International Relations homework he didn’t do, the bad boy :)

frantically doing homework

My laptop’s battery is almost done, so I must wander and look for an electrical outlet. I have to get back to adding the finishing touches to my philosophy paper due tomorrow (I will be so relieved once that’s handed in and out of my sight!), so this is farewell for now. Thanks for reading!

P.S. Oh, and in honor of International Talk Like A Pirate Day: AAAAAAAAAARGH MATEYS!!!


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