whirling in the whirlwind

Goal for next week: Locate and identify all the staircases at school, and discover up to which floors they’ll take me.

You would think that after coming to classes right on time last week, I would take the initiative to arrive to class at least five minutes beforehand. Believe me, my intentions are true when I tell you I like and want to get to class early; but Time is just against me. In the rush of getting to class I never remember which lettered stairs will take me where, so that results in me taking the stairs that take me up to Maria’s Tower (don’t ask … I honestly have no clue to how I even got there, and the security guard gave me fishy looks) or stairs that take me up to the fourth floor that isn’t the fourth floor, but a roof-like habitat. The number of moments I have raged and vocally permeated my disbelief and frustration of having gone up the wrong staircase has always resulted in blank stares. I wish I had the power to apparate wherever I wanted to be!

Besides the stairs fiascoes I’ve encountered, my second week of university was altogether as A-MAY-ZING!! as the first. I’ve established my favorite spots and places to hang out, and definitely gotten used to the new Starbucks in the Cafe (tehe). Nothing makes my day better than having a cup of freshly brewed coffee mixed with two sugars and cinnamon, or having a double chocolate chip frappucino in my hand. Does anyone know if Starbucks has a purple drink? Because I’m a person attracted to color, and sometimes I tend to buy drinks based on their color. My first purchase at the Starbucks at school was a strawberries and cream frappucino; and though it isn’t my favorite frappucino flavor, I only bought it because I was craving something pink, haha. It was really, really, REALLY good though, especially when mixed with whipped cream – yum yum.

I have to say I’m getting used to spending my mornings in Cafe 101. My usual routine is that I get to school the earliest at 7:30, the latest at 8:00. Then I grab a copy of The New York Times, take out my I.D.,  show it to the security guard, make my way to the Cafe and one of its booths, and then settle down comfortably and read the Arts section first. It may seem repetitive to do after a while, but I find that I actually like beginning my days like that. My brain wakens from its sluggish state once it starts comprehending articles that I read, and I feel pretty ‘boss’ having the newspaper and a cup of Starbucks on the table. It’s a slight boost to the ego; but it does make me feel better knowing that I try to keep up with the world news. I wasn’t much of a newspaper reader before, but since a copy of The New York Times is free at Pace, well … might as well start now!

Another thing I love about the Cafe is that it’s become a meeting place for me and my friends. I’ve had several breakfast dates with Apoorva there, and we’ve also run into people we met at orientation. Those random encounters are always the best, particularly if we haven’t seen those people in awhile. Food is a common ground for everybody, and I thank all the higher powers above everyday for its existence.

[And for all the sweet tooth lovers: if you haven’t already, put butter, then peanut butter, and maple syrup all over your waffle(s). Your taste buds will explode into ecstasy and revel in the marvelous sweeetness. View waffle photo here.]

This is Becky, and she’s one of the people I ran into at the Cafe! It had been a week since the last time I had seen her, so it was great catching up before she went to her morning class. (photo taken at Convocation)

Alas, the Cafe may be a place to socialize, but it loses points for being a place to study. This is where the library comes in; with its haven of ancient to modern books bridging portals of understanding to us mere worthless mortals. I’ve wandered and explored every shelf of the library, and also chosen my favorite study place. One of the things I love about my study place is the view from the narrow window – it gives me a chance to people/street watch whenever my attention drifts. On Friday, I finally found where the fiction, non-education books were located; and my eyes got so greedy as they sped-read through the unfamiliar titles. My hands itched to take out all of them and start reading them on the floor! I guess this would be the appropriate time to mention that I’m a bookworm, and I’m not ashamed of it 8-)

running into friends in the library

Though I’m loving university life, there’s still a small part of me that misses my old high school friends. To cure myself of that, I’ve taken to walking around Lower Manhattan and familiarizing myself with the sights. The best thing about those walking moments is that I get to bond with whoever I’m walking with. Last week I got to bond with Drea R. and Apoorva, and I’ll never forget every second I’ve spent with those two ♥

Drea and I wandered along towards the end of Broadway, walking all the way up to Battery Park. It was completely fail on our part since I kept saying (whining) to Drea “I want to go to Battery Park! Do you think we’ll ever pass it?” and of course we found out we had passed it the moment we got back to school. We went inside the National Museum of the American India FOR FREE (free, free, free, FREE – free as in no money needed to pay for admission!!!!!!!!!!), and spent a few hours immersing ourselves in American Indian culture. Going through the various exhibitions was my first taste of history on the American Indians, and it broadened my view on the perspectives people held of them. I didn’t even know that there were famous American Indian singers in the media (does Jimi Hendrix sound familiar?), let alone Mohawk workers had a significant contribution to the construction of the Brooklyn Bridge. I fell in love with their pottery and clothing, especially the flamboyant feather head pieces. I was hoping they’d have some as souvenirs in the gift shop, but they didn’t so Drea and I left the museum empty handed; but we were more culturally enriched than when we first entered. (Click here to view photos of that day.)

Apoorva was one of my first few friends at orientation :) Every time we meet up, we open up more and more about our personal lives. Sitting down or walking with Apoorva is relaxing, and I feel super comfortable in her presence. On Thursday after my UNV 101 class, I just so happened to run into her; and on a whim we decided to kill the 2.5 hours before my next class by walking to Greenwich Village. It took us more than one hour to get to Greenwich Village (we ended up walking in a full circle along Broadway since the GPS on Apoorva’s phone confused us), but we eventually made it. We didn’t have much time to really explore the place, since it was nearing one o’clock and I still had to pick up my stuff from Apoorva’s dorm. But I saw enough of it and I was disappointed.  I thought Greenwich Village would look and feel more homely, and also have more distinctive features. It just seemed like another regular part of New York City. If Apoorva hadn’t told me we were in Greenwich Village, I would have assumed we were just in another part of Lower Manhattan. Apoorva took me to the Bed, Bath, and Beyond and Barnes and Noble store, but we didn’t get to spend so much time in them since we were really running late. I ended up being 10 minutes late to my philosophy class (and of course the only available seat was the one in the first row, right in front of the professor), but I have to say … I don’t regret it. I will be more careful of keeping track of time next time I go out inbetween classes, but talking and just spending time with Apoorva was something I really needed that day. When things just happen, they happen – and those forces are uncontrollable.

soaring high with Apoorva, 2012/08/31

Anyhoo, it’s time for me to go now and start some serious studying and note rewriting! I’m really glad that there’s a three day weekend, or else I would fall behind on my work load and perish into all nighters. I have my first two assignments of the year due on their respective due dates of Wednesday and Thursday, so I’m a bit excited and nervous :)

Thanks for reading and for stopping by! Take care, and enjoy the rest of your weekend. You’re in my heart always <3


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