Where shall we go?

Curiosity tells me, “Go outside, New York awaits you.”

Spontaneity says, “GO-GO-GO-GO, do it!”

My brain asks me, “Are you sure this is the right thing to do?”

And of course with my (lack of ) common sense, I shut down all reason and logic and go with the flow. This is where my feet took me today:

meeting with friends at Café 101, the outside lobby, and the library

 huge pieces of unnamed, abstract public art

a cube that reminds me of Lego pieces from my childhood

walkable advertisements

past yellow taxis that remind of me honey bees

vendors getting their items ready

fresh fruit stalls in the middle of the side walk

a modern day fairy?

a museum with free admission

posing with one of the Mohawk workers who helped build the Brooklyn Bridge

Occupy Wall Street artwork

blues and yellows meshing beautifully

and a bottle of ketchup big enough to satisfy my heart’s content!

I am so sore from walking, but seeing the places I visited today was worth it. Now to finish up with some readings for the night and to crash on the bed. Sweet dreams lovelies <3


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