“We cannot be made afraid to live.”

My usual route to Pace has me walking past the World Trade Center five days a week. When I’m in a hurry I spare it a passing glance; but on days when I’m stalling, I stop for a moment and stand to the side. It’s one of the most touristy things to do, I know. But I can never forget that I’m in the city where the attack happened, and just a few minutes away from the site itself.

A high rise building in progress towers over the site, dominating the view of the neighborhood buildings and reflecting blinding light ray. It’s definitely a building that goes unnoticed –  anyone can tell from the crowds of tourists who stand in various positions on the sidewalk and angle themselves with their SLR cameras. When I first came to the site, I took one photo of the building and then stopped. I couldn’t help but feel that taking photos at the 9/11 site was a tad bit disrespectful.  I was there to remember the day and its moments, not to practice my photography skills.

I could go on about 9/11 and the emotions that it invokes, but everyone does that in their private way and I don’t want to add to the sorrow. But  I want to share this inspiring piece I read on Hello Giggles by Meghan O’Keefe – I believe this truly encompasses the behavior and attitude we should carry forth this day forward:

“… It’s true that we live in a dangerous world filled with darkness, but we also live in one filled with light. I believe that we can best respect and honor the dead by living the best lives we can. Lives with joy, lives with love, lives with adventure, and most of all, lives with courage.Today I live in New York City. I work in a high-rise building in the middle of Manhattan. I take public transport every day with a hoard of strangers who board the train without a security check. I travel by plane multiple times a year. I love my life in the Big Apple. New York City is my city of dreams and I love that my life has brought me here.

If I have any lingering thought today, it’s this: We must not be afraid to live.

We cannot be made afraid to live.

We will live.”

(read the full piece here)


2 responses to ““We cannot be made afraid to live.”

  1. You have a wonderful blog! Reading your posts you just feel like drinking a cup of warm coffee, leaning back in the chair and enjoying the evening

    • :-D Thank you so, so much for your comment – you have nooo idea how much it made my day! I’m glad you enjoy my posts and I hope you’ll continue reading them in the future :) :) :) Take care! <3

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