green roses + RTR

Ever since I got my new laptop from the Honors College at Pace, I’ve been spending a lot of time organizing and deleting files. Some of the things I’ve found have definitely surprised me; and it’s refreshing in a way since those unexpected things often turn out to be pleasant surprises.The photo that I’ve posted here is one of them, and there’s a small story behind this image.

On one of my trips to NYC with my mom and brother, we were walking to Times Square all the way from the New York Penn Station. It was a hot day, but nothing we couldn’t handle. As we were on our way, I noticed the lady in this photo was speed walking, talking on her cell phone, and doing several other things; all the while not dropping any of the items she was handling and being able to push through the crowds. Her multitasking skills amazed me, and the vibrant green shade of her skirt caught my eye. The pattern of her skirt was like a bush of green roses, but it also looked like circles rippling against one another. Either way, the pattern and color of her skirt was alluring and one of its kind. What do you think about this lady’s outfit?

Before I sign off for today, I would like to ask you all a small favor. A friend of mine of at Pace, Julia, is trying to secure an internship at NYC’s Rent The Runway. Rent The Runway is an online fashion site where ladies can rent clothing for special occasions. All that a person needs to do is to log on to the site, create an account, and click away through their desired styles and appropriate sizes. If you live in NYC, delivery is on the same day; if you live outside of it, I believe delivery is a maximum of 2 to 3 days (again, this depends on where you live!). It would mean a lot to Julia and me if you guys could just click the link below and fill out the form – a special welcome deal awaits you, and Julia would really appreciate it :)

Thanks in advance if you clicked the link! Time for me to go now and finish a couple of readings for my Sociology and International Relations classes tomorrow. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday lovelies <3


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