“Half sun empanadas.”

2012/08/27: mother-daughter bonding time in the kitchen making Filipino empanadas

Please pardon my lame attempt in making a joke -“half sun empanadas” is “have some empanadas”.  I came up with “half sun” because while shaping the empanadas, I thought they looked like half suns. (I have a very visual imagination.)

Day 1 of 3 of orientation is tomorrow and I’m so excited, I can’t stop jumping up and down just thinking about! Hopefully it won’t be too hot in New York City, or else I shall be one sweaty and aggravated freshmen student. LET THE SCHOOL YEAR BEGIN!!!

Thanks for stopping by, take care. <3


4 responses to ““Half sun empanadas.”

    • Thank you <3 And the empanadas are very, very delicious – if it was possible to share food via the internet I would give some to you!

  1. Looks tasty! never thought of making empanadas at home even though I’ve made lots of other filled pastries like dumplings and ravioli..

    • You should definitely try making them! It’s time consuming but sooo worth the deliciousness <3

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