Songs I’ve been listening to the past week:

There are some days when I can’t express how I feel, but music does the best in explaining the most complicated emotions.

How are you feeling today? I hope you’re having a fabulous start to your Monday morning. I woke up to Nutella and peanut butter sandwiches, so my day’s off to a good start (I also woke up on the right side of the bed too, haha)!

The above photo is one of the most embarrassing photos I’ll ever share. It’s moi with one of my best friends + sisters, Alex R. (younger sister to Meliza at W.T.F.). We had a little adventure in the bathroom where we pretended to be Oompa Loompas and therefore styled out hair that way, too. Call us crazy or immature, but it was so much fun taking silly photos and posing awkwardly. We got a lot of stares  from elderly people who entered and left the bathroom, but the expression on their faces was worth each level of awkwardness that increased every minute.

I spent a bit of yesterday evening cleaning up my desk, and I came upon a pile of letters friends had written to me. Call me old fashioned, but I loveloveloveLOVE handwritten letters and receiving them in the mail. Lately I’ve been typing up my letters and then printing them out to put in envelopes, but the sentiments remain the same – it’s a letter typed out and thought with care. I’m just in love with the idea that though I may not be face to face with the person who wrote their letter, seeing their distinctive handwriting and the crossed out words and doodles in the margin bring out strong feelings of nostalgia. One touch of an envelope that has traveled more than a thousand miles has the power to transform a murky, cloudy sky into a cloudless one; to make the rain disappear and have the sun’s rays sparkle in the nearest puddle. The creases and folds felt in the paper are the same ones that a loved one on the opposite side of the coast has touched. There’s also that smell of coffee or tea when one of those liquids is accidentally spilled on the paper.

Anyhoo (that was a bit of a tanget, haha), Alex’s letter was among the pile of letters on my desk. Reading her words was like hearing her voice inside my head, and I could imagine us talking and laughing about the topics she wrote about. It was almost like I could picture her and me at Starbucks casually conversing the contents of her letter the same way she wrote it. How mind blowing is that? And one of the phrases she kept repeating to me was, “Let it flow.”

Like a river, when it rains I get stressed. All these turbulent emotions unleash themselves in the oncoming storm. Because of a personal issue with one of my close friends last week, I’ve been floating in negative, pessimistic waters and ignored the rays of sunshine. I let my stubborn side override my soft (and more rational) side. Thanks to wisdom from another best friend (Thanks Shannon!), I’ve realized that I over worried  and should have let my frustration go.

Letting things flow isn’t a piece of cake. It’s not as easy as blowing out birthday candles or popping a balloon. It will never be instantaneous until a person just .. lets go. Drop the sadness, anger, frustration, and pessimism. Drop the negative vibes and relinquish control over the untamed. Someone wise once said, “Never let your happiness depend on another person.” It is so true – relationships are a two way street. If you and the other person don’t equally invest time and effort into understanding each other, that unequal balance will snipe back right at ya. And that’s going to hurt like hell.

So tell your  friend or significant other how you’re feeling today. Be wide open to their thoughts! If you can’t verbally tell them how you’re feeling, then write a letter – sometimes it’s easier to transcribe emotions to paper. Whatever you do, just remember that you’re not alone.

Take care and enjoy your Monday lovelies <3


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