some thoughts

Hi everyone! I hope you’re having a wonderful start to the weekend so far <3

I’ve been in a blah mood the past week, because of  itty-bitty things that have made me question my feelings and emotions. But now that it’s the weekend I’m sure my spirits will be lifted up with all the movies I’ll be watching (I’ve made a list already, haha).
Anyhoo, with the state my mind has been in, I’ve come to a conclusion with some things that popped into my head during my thinking process. Here are a few things I have learned so far in my 17 years of life:
  1. Unexpected messages from people who miss you are the ones who truly care. Those are the keepers.
  2. Being independent doesn’t mean you can’t lean on others  – it means you tried your best on your own and you knew when to stop and ask for help.
  3. If you don’t tell others how you feel, how do you expect them to understand you?
  4. An angry person needs time to cool off – but don’t wait too long.
  5. Sometimes you have to be brutally honest, even if it makes you sound like a really mean person.
  6. Distance makes the heart grown fonder, yet it can also change your feelings.
  7. Be happy with how he expresses his feelings for you; don’t compare it to the movies or books – your love story doesn’t come pre-set with guidelines to how it should be.
  8. Never take anyone for granted
  9. Falling in love is (and was) never perfect; even if things don’t work out in the end, it’s okay not to be okay – at one point in time,  it was what you wanted.
  10. Don’t expect too much.
  11. People judge people and it never stops – so do what you want because there will be no end to what people say about you.
  12. Giving up is giving in to failure. Think about why you held on for so long in the first place and keep on going.
  13. If you know that someone doesn’t like you, be nice and show them that you won’t let your personal feelings get in the way of your actions.
  14. Everyone has some kind of messed up personal history. It’s up to you if you want to be there for that person or leave them on their own.
  15. The things lefts unsaid are the things that should have been said. Just say it.
  16. Genuine versus fake? People can spot the difference.
  17. Be open – wide open! Then you can let all kinds of new and cool stuff come your way.
  18. Ask for help when you need it. Don’t be a self-righteous hero.
  19. Progress doesn’t happen overnight.
  20. Keep it real, keep it classy.
  21. Love yourself for who you are.
  22. Carpe diem. YOLO. Whatever floats your boat.

… and that’s about it, so far. My favorite out of all those is #17,  because by being open I’ve made so many friends and experienced moments outside of my comfort zone. I’m actually a pretty shy person on the inside; but once you get me laughing, then I get ridiculous and hyper. Hehe.

Enough musing, go outside and breathe in some fresh air! It’s raining in my little town today and the weather could not have chosen a perfect day to match my mood. And don’t forget these words from Pepsi:

– a NYC Times Square billboard

Thanks for reading, have a safe and wonderful weekend lovelies!


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