never too old to color

Yes, I spend my weekends coloring Hello Kitty pictures. Hope you’re having a wonderful Sunday afternoon lovelies!


6 responses to “never too old to color

  1. You spend your weekends colouring hello kitty pictures? Well, that’s really cute.
    May I have permission to ask; do you colour hello kitty pictures because you are empowering your inner child?
    (Just asking cuz I sometimes empower my inner child by dancing in front of toys, wondering if it would be odd if I bought a Spawn action figurine.)
    Or do you colour hello kitty pictures because this is a part of who you are?
    Either way, still very cute.

  2. I color Hello Kitty pictures because it’s a part of who I am! No offense taken at your question, I don’t mind that you asked (: I’ve always loved Hello Kitty ever since I was a kid; I was influenced by my mom’s love for Sanrio. I have a LOT of Hello Kitty items in my room; I even have a book on the history of Hello Kitty my best friends gave me, hehe. Coloring pictures is relaxing for me because it’s mechanical and random, and it gives me time to think. It makes me feel like a little kid again =D

    • I’m a HUGE Hello Kitty fan too, hehe. Today I went to the Sanrio store in NYC Times Square and I mentally went gaga over all the Hello Kitty back to school items! <3 <3

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