don’t play with your food

Eye spy with my little eye … a face, hehe.

A little bit of humor to start off your Friday. This photo is actually from a few years ago, and I rediscovered it while looking through my old photo files. My mom made seafood skewers one summer afternoon, and it just so happened that one of the carrots she cooked came out with an expression. When I showed it to my mom she thought I drew it, haha.

The lack of blog posts has been the result of an uninspired mind. I haven’t forgotten about the blog; I’m more or less frustrated that I’m in an artist’s block. I can’t seem to draw anything or take photos at all! Please leave me a comment below if you have any ideas that could spark some inspiration – anything and everything is appreciated! I really dislike being in this kind of mood.

Anyhoo, another thing I’ve been thinking about is also changing the url of my blog. I don’t really know why but I have the urge to do so (though my mind is well-known to never make up its mind). I’ll make sure to let you know if I go through with that or not.

Thanks for reading and for dropping by! Though I may not know you personally, it makes me feel better knowing that there’s someone out there reading my words. Have a wonderful weekend my friends, take care <3


3 responses to “don’t play with your food

  1. That food looks delicious! This may not be helpful inspiration but the phrase made me lol: sleepwalking into a peach

    Good luck!

    • That made Laugh Out Loud too, HAHAHA. Thanks for sharing your phrase, it put a :) on my face. I’ll let you know if I make something out of it <3

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