deep roots

the painting I made for my grandfather

Hi all, Happy Sunday! I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend so far (:

My grandfather left for the Philippines yesterday, and the farewell at the  airport was bittersweet yet tear less. I can’t stand it when people cry because I start crying too; so when I saw my aunt tearing up I immediately walked away. I stood by one of the windows, and I saw an airplane in the sky. As much as I love the idea of travelling around the world, the thought of having my own adventures and not having to answer to anyone filled  me with nervous excitement . Freedom comes at a price that can’t be easily compensated.

The painting I did above was completed a week before my grandfather left. We were talking about different artists (such as Van Gogh and a disabled female  Filipino artist my grandfather met in the Philippines) and their techniques; and then my grandfather started talking about how he loved “Umbrella Sky” (one of the paintings I did two years ago). He asked me if he could see it but I told him two little girls in Vancouver bought it, so he was really disappointed but understood. After our conversation though, I was inspired by the talk with my grandfather and started painting. My grandfather was surprised when I gave him the final piece.

Anyhoo, it’s really hot today and using my laptop in this heat is beginning to heat me up. I’m even sitting right next to the fan but it’s blowing humid air my way. As always, thanks for reading. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday lovelies, take care!




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