star of the sea

July 28 – my brother, moi, mom, and my grandfather enjoying frozen custard at Cape May

The weekend’s almost here! Today’s plans consist of lunching at home, packing some stuff into my bags, going out once my aunt gets home, and having dinner at Atlantic City’s Borgata once my dad arrives. It’s my grandfather’s last full day here, as he leaves for the Philippines tomorrow at noon. I can’t believe one month has passed since my grandfather’s arrival; I will most definitely miss him when he’s gone.

Good things come and go, and my grandfather’s one month visit is one of those things. I don’t know when I’ll see him next, but I know I’ll be seeing him in another few years. Love you Grandfather Manny!

Friday is the gateway to the weekend; I hope that wherever you are, good tidings and amazing things happen to you today. Take care lovelies, and thanks for reading! <3




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