into your arms

To be in your arms is something I miss

It’s one thing I desire besides your kiss

This time apart has driven me insane

It’s a miracle I have not become like Bane

Your presence, so familiar, has not faded

My memories of you will always be unaided

The ocean cries out its familiar tune

One that reminds me of the times I was wrapped in your arms like a cocoon

Two months have passed and your voice echoes strong

So much like the warmth that came radiated from your arms

Beloved, it’s lonely here tonight

The stars twinkle and tell nothing of  a person’s plight

It’s a secret, so much more, that exists in the air

Like kites that fly and come back down with unheard prayers

Your love I can feel from the words that you pen

There’s nothing more I can wish now and again

Except I wish you were here with me

Sharing frozen yogurt and staring out at the sea.


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