a pop of colour

photo of moi inspired by Andy Warhol

Hi everyone, how was your weekend? I hope it was amazing!

After I finished yesterday’s post, dinner was served and the feast was worthy of a palace meal. We had canton noodles mixed with my grandfather’s special sauce, miso soup that had fish and vegetables, and hearty vegetables in another one of my grandfather’s special sauces. Since we had eaten really late we finished the meal in a few minutes; but we still have leftovers in the fridge so we’re all set for the next few days.

This morning I helped my mom make a Filipino dessert called “ginataan”. Ginataan is a semi-sweet coconut soup mixture of ube, jackfruit, taro, glutinous rice balls, and shredded coconut. It’s really unique in taste and texture, and the one my mom makes based on her recipe is the best (I’m not being biased). Since my grandfather was the official taste tester,  it was under his judgment that my mom decided how much longer the ginataan had to be cooked. We were able to eat the finished product for dessert and lunch – and I think I almost melted at how good it tasted. Horray for food!

I just remembered that today is Monday, so it’s time for your does of Monday Inspiration!

Routine is nice and all, but it’s too set of a structure to always follow. Whenever you’re feeling bored by life, try adding some “colour” to your daily routine and see where your random turns lead you! Life is a free-style canvas that doesn’t ask much except that you live it to the fullest and enjoy every second that you breathe.

Colour your world with as many random and bright strokes as possible  – don’t be scared to make the first mark. To create is to destroy, and the first mark is supposed to be messy. Life is art, and art is life; one cannot exist without the other. So once you’re done reading this post, get your butt off whatever you’re sitting on and go DO SOMETHING. I remember one summer Meliza  and I made  a  bucket list of things to do  in one summer. We didn’t do all of the items, but the thrill of having accomplished  some of the things we listed  was more than enough to make summer more fulfilling than we anticipated. (Plus it also led to the creation of my joint blog with Meliza, Thing 1 & Thing 2).

It’s time for me to go online textbook hunting for my university classes in the fall (I’m so excited, HAHA). Take care lovelies; and as always, thanks for reading. You are in my thoughts and prayers! <3




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