The Secret’s Out

(Inspired and written in companion to W.T.F.’s “Don’t Let My Secret Die”)

It’s been cast, exposed, and now rolls in thunder

For now it cannot recall half its blunder

I lie awake dreading this case

Wondering if it can be erased

If only my mind would not linger on consequences

And allow me to sink to my subconsciousness

Heart, why have you spoken

Could your lips not have remained unbroken?

This plank, it shudders, with sudden doom

My feet feel as if they’re drenched in gloom

Seeking redemption, I make one last look

At the person whose name I swore to protect by the book

Frozen as ice, no warmth or consolation

Hazel flecks glare back at me with damnation

Taking a breath, I continue my path

Imagining that I’m going in for a bath

My folly was wrong, and I know it

But you deserve  more than that self-righteous twit.


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