sea breezes + dessert

ice cream inspired doodle

 The fam and I spent the day in Atlantic City and gorged ourselves on Chinese cuisine from P.F. Chang’s. For dessert, my aunt took us down to Aunt B’s ice cream place. I’m so full from Aunt B’s double chocolate brownie fudge ice cream – definitely going to try her chocolate gelato on my next visit! There were so many flavors and options to choose from I read the menu thrice and kept going back and forth between options. I don’t think I can ever exhaust myself of any type of chocolate ice cream though (tehe). I am so full from all the food I ate today I can’t wait to spend the day walking around New York City tomorrow!

I love keeping fortunes from the fortune cookies they give away at restaurants – I have five in my backpack right now weee. Most of the fortunes inspire me – just as the quotes on my quote page. Lately I’ve just been gluing them in my inspiration notebook, but I kind of want to do something else with them … still trying to cultivate ideas. Leave a comment if you do anything special with your fortunes :)

Shower & sleep soon, another big day tomorrow. Cheers to the remaining hours of the weekend ladies and gents, mwah!


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