my heart is yours

I’m normally a night owl during the school months, so staying up this late for me during summer is a bit weird – but a welcome change! Nothing better than bonding with shadows that flicker and fade in an instant, and the snapping of hands I seem to hear in the silence.

I can’t stop listening to Cher Lloyd’s song “With Ur Love” – the replay button has never been abused so much in my lifetime.  Anyhoot, I’ve decided to devote the rest of this blog post to some of the  illustrated origami hearts I made last year.

I can’t remember who I made these for, but these were two of the first few origami hearts I made.

“Love Chain”- I used this on coffee tumbler design my grade 11 homeroom gave as a gift to our homeroom prefect, Nat.

Birthday card “4” Vikki Kam, hehe.

… And it looks like those are the only origami hearts I documented. I made personalized origami hearts as take-aways for past religion prayer services,  but I didn’t take photos of those since making each one was time consuming and I only finished making a set of them the night before the presentation. Looking at these hearts is giving me new ideas, and may be sometime in the future they’ll make a comeback :)

It’s Friday, and that’s something to rejoice about! I’ll be heading off to sleep soon (very soon), but I want to wish you a Happy Happy Friday and early wishes for an amazing weekend. Sweet dreams everyone!


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