gravity is sweet

Good morning Earthly Companions!

I just woke up and my mind is still slow with sleep and fatigue. My grandfather from the Philippines came on the4th of July ; so ever since Wednesday things have been a whirlwind at home. I haven’t had much time to just sit down and  think,  so waking up today to the silence of the apartment was a welcome change. My brother is at his one week soccer camp, my grandfather is currently staying with my aunt in South Jersey, and my mom is downstairs doing laundry. Silence is greeting me with a hug and reminding me that today is Monday, so … it’s time for  (trumpet blast please)  MONDAY INSPIRATION!

quote source: unknown

This quote inspires me because it’s a reminder that when you feel the least confident in yourself, you should do reverse psychology and think of things that will boost your confidence. It sounds like you’re cheating on how to make yourself feel better, but it’s an effective way to  screw the nerves and go with the flow.  I have a personal fear of public speaking  (I really hate and dread it); so whenever class presentations are assigned my brain does a huge mental freak out dance. The only thing that calms me  down is repetitively thinking, “Who cares what they think? It’s my presentation and mine alone and I’ll make everyone fall in love with my topic.”   Self-centered, I know – but it does the trick!  And I can’t help but feel that my fear of public speaking  relates to this Monday Inspiration’s quote. Make-up is only worn on few occasions, and the moments when a  person wears them makes that person feel special and more appreciative of their beauty. That added boost to that person’s self-confidence cannot be ignored because it radiates like an inner glow. So smile and show the world you’re not afraid :)

I have a new idea for an inspiration notebook  to start, and I’m hoping I”ll start it today. Ms. Fragakis (my CMHS art teacher)  let me take home of one of the abandoned sketchbooks in her room. I was going to use it as a sketchbook,  but I think it will serve better  as a portable inspiration board weeeee.

Time for me to go and say hello to the rest of the world. Till my next post, I’m forever yours <3


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