own thing, own terms

I decided to start a weekly quote series called “Monday Inspiration”, because I believe that out of all the days of the week, Monday is the hardest day to appreciate – with the weekend over and having to get back to work. I hope these quotes get you out of that Monday slump and motivate you in some way :)

“Roll with it” is from Dana. She cut my hair two months ago and she is the only person right now who I completely trust with it. I walked into the hair salon just wanting a quick trim, but Dana gave me so much more – she gave me her stories and practical wisdom. She told me stories about her past and gave me the most unforgettable piece of advice on love,

“Find someone who loves you unconditionally. Find someone who loves you more than he loves himself.”

Dana was open about everything and grounded in her beliefs. Her fearlessness to make the best out of Life’s shortcomings shone from her personality. She wasn’t afraid to speak her mind, and her honesty was another  unique facet. I used to layer my hair, but I stopped because the last time someone put layers in my hair the next person who cut it made my hair uneven. I was skeptical when Dana said layers would “look amazing” with my hair – but they did end up blending in well and looking grrreat. I really hope Dana doesn’t move away.

It just hit me that it’s been officially a year and two days since I came to New Jersey. So much has happened, but I regret nothing. I don’t really know what I’m going to do about the future except to welcome it with open arms. Have a Happy Monday everyone!


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