Steadfast Dreams

A few months ago, my friend Dennis asked me to design a tattoo for him. This was the first time someone asked me to draw a tattoo for them, so the idea was exciting yet a bit nerve wracking; since that meant the tattoo design had to be perfect – to the very form, shape, and contour.  It took me three tries and a few weeks to get the details and Dennis’ requests right, but the final product was worth Dennis’ gleeful, ecstatic reaction:

“Die Sonne” is German for “The Sun”.

The inspiration for Dennis’ tattoo came from the anchor ring I purchased at Call It Spring!, my favourite shoe and jewelry store. That anchor ring is my favorite ring and I wear it almost always whenever I go out. It’s a personal reminder to me that whatever busy current my life takes, it’s always best to stay grounded (or balanced) in whatever I do, and that being happy means overcoming the stormy waters and appreciating the calm after the storm. Everyone has things that pull them down, but that doesn’t mean we have to let those things dictate our mood.

I discovered today that Call It Spring! has Tumblr and  Twitter, so my hyper self  pretty much spent the whole day scrolling through pages of inspiration for new designs. I think it would be AAAHmayzing to be one of their product designers or to work in their retail stores. The outlet in Jersey Shore and the store in Manhattan Mall (New York City) are the two locations I visit the most, and the sales associates are always super incredibly friendly. You won’t be disappointed, so go and visit them!

Another reason as to why I chose an anchor for Dennis’ tattoo is because I believe it is the best object that exemplifies Dennis’ character. Dennis is grounded in his beliefs, loyal to his friends, unafraid to be himself, and one of the strongest people I know. It’s sad we only started talking when more than half of senior year was over and that Statistics homework got us talking (what are the odds?), but the facebook chat conversation we had then was one of the best conversations I ever had. It’s mollifying to read what someone else thinks about you in their eyes when you hardly see or think anything of yourself. Thanks for all the love and support Dennis – I am never ever going to forget you.

lost at sea

To Dennis, the anchor represents hope. To moi, it represents my friendship with Dennis. Let the sun shine down and rid you of your fears.


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