west coast mountains + scarves = a cuff of home

My CMHS art teacher (Ms. Fragakis) helped me make the metal bracelet below. It was my first time doing metal work with jewelry, so it was exciting to see the pieces of the bracelet come together. The design for this bracelet was unplanned; especially that of the silver woman. It just so happened that I veered away from the design I penciled on the metal; and the saw I was using broke halfway while I was cutting the metal piece so I lost momentum and the original design – but the final product didn’t turn out too bad, non? And that little silver piece floating at the bottom of the mountain is supposed to look like a dropped scarf … in an abstract way, aha :) I could not help but think of Confessions of a Shopaholic while watching Ms. F drill holes in the pieces – Rebecca Bloomwood and I share a love of scarves, jewelry, and excessive accessories.

I’m also in love with how the purple and black streaks in the copper mountain came out after it was ionized and washed – another unexpected twist that turned out beautifully. I’ll post a photo of me wearing it soon, I’m off to bed!


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