Romance Is

When you open Webster’s Dictionary and look for the definition of ‘romantic,’ you will find many definitions. But in my opinion, the one that stands out the most is: “marked by the imaginative or emotional appeal of what is heroic, adventurous, remote, mysterious, or idealized.

The definition of “love” varies from people to people and from source to source. “Love” is the one emotion that can take on numerous meanings, yet still retain its true essence: the action you do to others to show them that you care. It not only transcends time, but it also never fails to reveal a person’s true intentions.

I have never been in a relationship; but I have heard my fair share of stories about people in love: how their loved one would take them out to dinner, respond with concern if the person happened to be sick, surprise them with random acts of kindness, and offer unconditional support and compassion on rough days. All these actions involve romance and its partner ad infinitum (translation: to infinite), Love. But what about the love that single people display – is that considered romantic or not?

Society presents us with the idea that “romance” is limited to the act of love between couples. I, however, would like to argue that point. Romance should not be constrained to the perception that it can only be exhibited between lovers or people in relationships – instead, it should be an open minded understanding that it can exist between anyone and anybody of emotion and thought: basically, singles and couples alike. The most romantic thing I have done for a friend was given her a cute, little stuffed monkey with a note that wished her a good day. It was one small action that brightened her day.  It wasn’t the most lavish or “expensive” display of love, but it was one that expressed my inner thoughts and intentions.

Being romantic isn’t just limited to guys taking girls out on dates and giving them the ‘midnight kiss’ when the night is over- it also refers to showing simple actions of love and kindness. It means giving your friend a hug when she’s had a bad day, or helping and comforting others in their times of trouble. All those types of actions may not involve you verbally saying “I love you,” but they give enough hints on how you really feel about that person. I would like to propose a toast to those who keep romance in their lives and give to the unexpected and most deserving – they truly are the romantic ones.


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