Watch Me

Eyes that follow
Seek corners as I run
Edges that drift off into space
Pursuit is inevitable
Breath released in tiny puffs
Feet tapping against the pavement
Like a dance where the person steps on your toes
Walls echo the noise that bounces
Air holds no comfort but tense relaxation
Living on the edge, spiralling downward
Unwanted guidance from above
The pieces fall as stationed
Multiple manoeuvres done to their bidding
Within sight they keep at distance
Always there
Always present
Always in disguise
Would these thoughts keep one from doublethink?
The word itself thinks double
Actions and words monitored
to the extreme extent
that the world would become a superficial cage
Trapped by our own incompetence
Desire to break The Mold they have structured
Desire to leave the present for the future
Past holds no hope
Future is leeway
Nature cannot adapt its cycle
To the eyes Above
Expression is not key
To release us from the cells
Imprisonment will not detain
Longing desire to trespass boundaries
Refusal to change
To Expectations of others
No one can break through
Seeking manipulation
Seconds turn into minutes
Minutes turn into hours
Hours turn into days
Days turn into weeks
Weeks turn into months
Months turn into years
Years turn into decades
Decades turn into centuries
And the years will keep unrolling
Infinite is Time.
Instinct becomes habit.
Escape has no freedom.
I would give no thought to what was happening.
I would give no thought because I would no longer be myself.


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