The Passionate Joker to The Batman

Oh come with me and have some fun!
Gotham has become so numb.
You think it’d need a wedgie or two,
But it’s probably because there’s nothing new.
Behind these bars I feel much pain,
I thought Commissioner Gordon settled on fair gain.
I want to wreak havoc on the streets,
So that me and darlin’ Harley can sing and dance with “J. Biebs.”
Clayface next door says “Hello,”
He wants to know how to slide through the door.
Mr.Freeze sends his icy regards,
He wishes to annihilate the guards.
Brucie, Old Boy, won’t you do me a favour,
And send me some poison from my gas chamber?
I’d like to have a drink or two,
And toast to the misery of my misfortune.
Tis sad and lonely in this cave,
I’m sitting here like a useless knave.
Once I’m free I’ll be hard to find,
Benevolence is key to an open mind.
Come live with me and be thy love,
We could be partners in the darkness above.
Peace is a solution to what we seek,
So meet me at the top of Arkham’s peak.

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