take a bow

On the 7th day of January you introduced me to the Famous Comedian, a person who I didn’t know who would later influence what I would want to do with my life. I wasn’t with anyone in February, but you taught me that love was something to be treasured – not sought after. March was CAHSMUN, and who knew that I’d become friends with one (no, two!) of the best guys ever and meet other people who understood me more than I understood myself. Cheers to the awesome dais and delegates of the Internation Monetary Fund – I won’t ever forget  “togetherness” and saving Starbucks from eternal extinction. Spring break was awful –  I hated packing bits of my life away but I had to do it ; I couldn’t run away from the boxes that loomed in our half-empty living room. Each corner I ran into backed into dark shadows. April was sour, knowing that I only had two months to live the moments and enjoy each and every ticking second. Cookies and Mario Kart will forever hold a plethora of memories. Coffee shop dates will never be forgotten. Running in the rain will always be a treasured experience.  Oh May, you sucked so much. The month of finals and provincial cramming; yet in the midst of it all, there was still time to go out for sushi, chill at the May Fair, and visit my favorite spots in Kerrisdale. The whirlwind of activity was contagious;  it was impossible not to be caught up in all the last minute plans. June … I don’t know where to start. You made me cry and you made me laugh. You brought me to the point of insanity when I  didn’t know what to do with unfinished threads. School didn’t seem so much like a  chore anymore; it gained some kind of  unrealized appreciation and love I didn’t know could possibly exist. Lit. Square, the times we had were hilarious and ridiculous – “Bo-wolf” will always trigger fond memories of the times we sat in our island. Reading and writing were never the same after taking that class. Physics didn’t suck so much because I had one of the best lab partners. French AP … you guys, we survived, Yipee! Nous sommes beyond awesome. Art, my love for the subject and the people I had class with is still with me. 4 years at LFA won’t be flushed down the toilet, that’s for sure (: Horray for  hyperness and insanity – let’s applaud Oompa Loompas, “Nelli’s Rebellious Phase”,  bus tickets from random strangers, missed bus rides, Cafe Crepe, Bean Brothers, Vancity, and irreplaceable ocean waves and sea breezes. The 23rd of June was Doom Day, but it wasn’t half as bad as I imagined – the people who were there with me at the airport, thank you. Thank you so, so much. I won’t ever forget everything that happened, what was said, what was done, and all the surprises. I love you all forever and always.

And so, you took me halfway across the continent and into an entirely advanced time zone. I hated the flatness of the new land and the highways that never seemed to end. I was homesick for the mountains and fresh air. I hated unpacking boxes because doing that made everything seem so final. Running didn’t take my mind off things, drawing lost its appeal, and even writing letters became hard. I was stuck in this goo of helplessness. Nevertheless, you showed me new places and new people. No matter where I went, bittersweet thoughts seemed to follow until the day of the senior retreat – when my heart broke down and finally forgave the people I blamed for everything that had happened. School became fun, and the friends that I’ve made made the days so much sweeter. Surprise birthday greetings, hugs on bad days, mornings in the psychology room, talks/bonding time in college writing, journalism, religion, art, and english, lunch outside or in the library, surprise announcements, homecoming,  art club moments, MSG Varsity crew, and the unwanted stress of senior year – as according to Mitch F., “What the fish?”  In the maelstrom of this hectic transition came people who I now dub as the “CMHS Fam.” I’m so thankful to have met you all. We’re halfway through the year guys, let’s make grad year the best yet!

You’re about to end, and I hold no grudges or regrets for what happened the past twelve months. You were messy and chaotic, and I won’t miss the bad times. I will always remember the good times, and the people who have stuck through with me. The curtains will fall, the world could end, the stars will shine on brightly, and  I’ll be sitting here in my favourite spot along the South Amboy waterfront, watching the waves and appreciating the breeze. You can’t take that away from me.

Good-bye 2011, it was nice meeting you.


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