A Year in Review

2011.01.07 – The Famous Comedian

 2011.02.19 – CAHSMUN staff meeting

2011.03.04-06– CAHSMUN

2011.04.16 – “OWOH”

2011.04.23 – @Sam’s house

2011.05.03 – “Thank-A-Thon”

2011.05.14 – May Fair

2011.05.21 – w/Roo & Hillary

2011.05.28 – EBF 2nd Annual Gala

2011.06.02 – bubble tea w/ Roo & Yue

2011.06.15 – Exploring Kerrisdale

2011.06.16 – Oompa Loompa Day

2011.06.17 – let’s-gallivant-around-Vancity-day

2011.06.20 – afternoon w/ Michelle R.

2011.06.21 – Burgoo + Nicole’s house

2011.06.23 – jammin’ with the VAN. fam @ YVR

2011.09.26 – Senior Retreat

2011.10.02 – South Amboy Art Festival

2011.10.06 – 17th BDay

2011.10.28 – CHMS Homecoming Dance

Keyphrases: Missed bus rides. “New Girl.” Midnight talks. Running in the rain. CMHS family. Meeting up with friends in Kerrisdale. Walking five blocks in the sweltering heat wearing a leather jacket. Mornings with Rachel Z. The best Model UN conference ever. Dropped cellphones. Hazel-green eyed boys. Lit. Square. “Nelli’s Rebellious Phase.” Morning coffee dates. College Writing with Mrs. Morey. Never ending text messages. Skype videos with no mike. Late start staff meetings. South Amboy waterfront. The Eagle Press. Cousin. Bananas. Grandma. Second Mothers. Twin sisters. Taking pictures all over the school. Baking cookies. Mario Kart. Saint Peter’s College Trip. History with Mr. Gagliardi and Perry the Platypus. The Globe and Halo. Cafe Crepe. English Bay. Pokemon.  Granville Island. Perry the Platypus. Goofy purses. High School Musical stairwell moments. Psych mornings with Nancy, Melissa, and Arlene. Marshmallows. Letters. Yu-Gi-Oh. Statistics with Anthony and Jenna. Hello Kitty. BFFL. Journalism with Kristina and Jillian. Surprises. French AP. Chess. Physics. Mlin-nells. Art. Religion with Mr. Reid (& Gabe P. and Melissa K.). Disney movies. English with Ms. Rose. Downtown Vancouver. Art with Ms. Fragakis. Religion journals. Umbrella Sky. “Dumbass” – Ash Uv. Scarves. CMHS student of the month for December. MSN convos. Little Brothers. Expensive sushi. Senior car wash. Birthday package. Adam + CRUNCH bars.  MSG Varsity Crew – MEEEEEOOOOW.  “Study sessions” afterschool. VAN. Famjam Love. YVR, flight. East Coast waves and West Coast winds.

Where’d all the time go? It got swept in by the tide.  Adios 2011, Bonjour 2012.


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