1 sheet of professional glossy photo paper – WASTED.

I know I should have waited for my dad to come and help me print the photos, but I was so excited to see them come out I just went ahead and put the papers in the printer’s tray all by myself and pressed the “PRINT” button. Thank goodness I decided just to print “Bubbles” to begin with, otherwise I would have wasted the rest of my precious photo paper and Daddy would have killed me. “Bubbles” turned out rather awkwardly – 1/4 of the image got printed on the glossy photo paper, while the remaining 3/4 (for some alienating reason) got printed on standard paper instead. WHERE DID I GO WRONG? I hate wasting photo paper, I better think of a way I can re-use whatever I printed, or else this will weigh heavily on my conscience.

I wonder if there’s a way I can print my photos at school? Snacks for thought.

This is my photo “Bubbles” that failed at printing today :'(


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